At BTD, consistent and reliable posting is a foreign concept. So this was an adventure. Starting 10 days from Bure night, BTD chronicled the Russian Rocket's career in a series of posts.

Starting from his top ten goals as a Canuck to the trade that sent him to Florida, here they are, then:

Oct 24 Pavel Bure's Top 10 Goals as a Vancouver Canuck
Oct 25 Top 10 honourable mentions
Oct 26 Bure, Ovechkin and other All-Star voting fallacies
Oct 27 The staying power of Bure's 60-goal record
Oct 28 Pavel Bure and the progression of the Canucks' point-scoring record
Oct 29 The Bures, the Sedins and fraternal scoring supremacy
Oct 31 The long-term implications of Bure to Florida 
Nov 3 Wayne Gretzky and the Bure trade for Malhotra
Nov 3 Bure night: Trevor, the wife and Ron frickin' MacLean 

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